High-quality & feminine jewelry, handmade locally in Chicago, IL

See Song Designs is the phonetic pronunciation of a Vietnamese phrase my mom always used to call me as a child. In a nutshell, it means prissy or high maintenance, so I decided to ironically name my Etsy shop after a phrase that seemed to ever dominate my childhood.

My family immigrated from Vietnam, and our American sponsor family was just starting a business which made handmade bows for children. My mom's first job in the U.S. was creating and hand making bows for this start-up company. Much of my childhood was spent sorting ribbon colors and playing with charms while my mom worked and made bows, so creativity has always been a part of my life.

After college, I got a job with a public accounting firm, and I found that I needed a creative outlet to balance the stress and pressures at work. I had been making jewelry and accessories all my life, but mostly just as gifts for friends and family. With their support, I started See Song Designs on Etsy.

Most of my design inspiration comes from the materials I find. I aim to creatively use classic jewelry making techniques with on trend colors and textures.

My mom is also my inspiration behind every piece I make. My mom passed away from cancer in October of 2016. She always had an eye for design and an alarmingly high attention to detail. I always got her stamp of approval for every piece I made. I still design with her in mind.

I feel that jewelry and accessories are the little details that show off someone's personality and uniqueness. I strive to make pieces that add that special detail but at an affordable price.

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